Inclusive Education

Columba Catholic College recognises and values the uniqueness of each student in our College community. Our student population includes students who may need adjustments to their learning because they:

  • have different learning styles
  • have learning difficulties
  • are students with a disability
  • are gifted
  • have English as an additional language

The College has additional structures to assist with the needs of these students. Students with learning difficulties or disabilities are catered for by the Inclusive Practices Team and are supported by Columba Catholic College in terms of staffing and resources. 

At Columba Catholic College we provide specific staffing, resources and programs to meet the individual needs of all students and their families including:

  • School Counsellor (Psychologist)
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Literacy Intervention Programs
  • Access to Advisory Visiting Specialist - Inclusion who will support teachers, the students, and their families
  • Advisory Visiting Specialists - Hearing Impairment, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy
  • In class support with School Officers

Teachers celebrate the diversity which enriches our college community to ensure that all students are provided with relevant and challenging learning opportunities and have the chance to experience success.


Contact Details

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Charters Towers QLD 4820


Mt Carmel Campus

Phone: 07 4787 1744
Fax: 07 4787 4986
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St Mary's Campus

Phone: 07 4754 6333
59-69 Mary Street
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