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Selecting the school that your son or daughter will attend is a critical choice in laying the foundations for their life. At Columba Catholic College, students do more than just attend; they become part of a community with a history that stretches back to the nineteenth century, but which is progressive and happily accommodates the rigors of twenty-first century life and learning.

Columba is a school catering for the full needs of families and students. Being co-educational, both sons and daughters can find their own special niche for learning and personal growth.

Our educational setting takes students from their first tentative steps in formal education - the prep year - right through to the final years of senior schooling, where there is a wide range of subjects and opporturnties, matched to the wide range of educational and occupational aspirations of our students and families.

Our twin boarding facilities on Mt Carmel Campus (for boys) and St Mary's Campus (for girls) ensure that the residential needs of both sons and daughters are met with sensitivity to their own special circumstances.

We offer education in the Catholic traditions of three of the great religious orders - the Christian Brothers, Good Samaritan and Mercy Sisters. This means that each child who joins the Columba community is recognised as an individual, and that we will strive to come to know the real person who is each child. There is no blueprint for the "Columba student" - each child is different; we see our role as helping all of our students to become the best they can be without compromising the true nature of their personality.

Columba Catholic College is a place where children can confidently be themselves, growing in every way to become competent, confident, and compassionate. Should you want to enrol your son or daughter at Columba, please complete and return the enrolment materials as soon as possible. I am always at your service should you want to make further enquiries about the programmes, facilities and resources the College offers, and hope to enter into a great partnership with your in the education of your son or daughter.

God bless

Daniel McShea

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