Mission Statement

Columba Catholic College shares in the mission of Christ's Church to further the coming of God's reign of Justice, Peace, Compassion and Redemption.

CCC shares the vision of an educational community, which:

  • Is based on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, as found in the Gospels and handed on in this community by the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and the Christian Brothers
  • Supports families and works in co-operation with parents in the total development of their children
  • Exists primarily to provide for the needs of the students, recognising the value and uniqueness of each person
  • Offers quality education from Prep to Year 12, including Residential Care
  • Fosters an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe and supportive, with relationships at all levels based on self respect and respect for others;
  • Nurtures the faith of all members through prayer, learning and service to others.
  • Encourages all members to take proper care of the environment in which they live, so that all of creation will grow in the perfect fullness of God's plan

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