Past Students

Columba Catholic College  is recognising our past students, teachers and people associated with the College who deserve to be Local Legends. 

They may be people who have achieved great things academically, in the sporting world or people who have made a significant contribution to our community. Columba Catholic College is celebrating its proud history in Townsville, recognising Local Legends in 2017. 

We will announce our Local Legends from August to November 2017.

Rohan Dixon

Past student, Past Parent, College contributor

Rohan is an inspiration and a great role model to the students at Columba Catholic College. He willingly gives up his time in so many areas - as Board Chairman and Finance Committee member, as Firsts Rugby League Coach, as the 2018 Confraternity Convener and as a proud Past Student and Past Parent.  He gives of his own time without personal reward and recognition and always has the best interests of the College at heart.  Rohan is hard-working, loyal, humble and well liked and highly respected in our community.

Michael Collins

Past student, Past parent, College contributor

Michael has spent all of his working life as an active and prominent sporting and business member of the North Queensland community. He has generously given of his time and money to numerous groups who extend charitable support and economic benefit to the regional community of Queensland. There are many accounts of his vast community efforts and his contributions to Columba Catholic College.He has served the college as a Board member for more than 30 years and is an ongoing sponsor of Columba rugby League, cricket and academic activities.

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